Billboard Sports & Music Roundtable: How The Music Biz Can Get A Bigger Slice Of Sports’ $14 Billion Brand Spend

Billboard Sports & Music Roundtable: How the Music Biz Can Get a Bigger Slice of Sports

What really separates Rdio from the competition is its social backbone. You can follow friends, strangers, musicians, businesses, etc. and get a sense of what they’re listening to. Rdio will also recommend songs and artists for you to check out based on your friends’ interests. That may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re not quite sure what to listen to, this feature is one of the best in helping you figure it out. Another standout Rdio feature is the ability to build an online library full of “your” tracks. With rival services, having your favorite music in front of you means scrolling through hundreds of playlists in the sidebar of the app. It’s less than ideal. Rdio instead presents your collection as a highly visual array of album thumbnails that can be sorted in a variety of manners. But functionality aside, Rdio is just laid out and presented across all platforms (desktop, phone and Web) in manner that’s visually cleaner and easier to process than its competitors. You’re immediately welcomed by those friend-generated recommendations. Other details, such as being able to easily and intuitively cache an album or playlist to your phone for offline listening, also make a huge difference for average users. If you’re someone who needs the ability to integrate their locally stored music with their streaming library, or if you want the service that gets all the newer, slightly more obscure music first, Rdio might not be for you.

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The timelines are tricky, though. [Ad] sales needs to get out ahead of things way sooner than we can choose what music we need and license it. And then it gets even a little bit trickier when we’re going out and booking things like X Games ourselves. Moll: And a lot of times you have a sponsor lined up, so you have to see if the artist fits with that sponsor. Eminem on ESPN’s “Saturday Night Football” halftime show during the Sept. 7 Michigan-Notre Dame game to promote his new single and video, “Berzerk,” which is the featured song for the 2013 season of Saturday Night Football. Brands have also played a big role in recent years in securing some of the biggest bookings in sports — when you have sponsors so involved, where do those conversations start and who has final say? Moll: Our official sponsor for music is Pepsi. [For the Super Bowl Halftime Show], ultimately it’s the NFL’s final decision but we take Pepsi’s input. We just wanted to come up with the coolest 12 minutes in music, and we know Bruno [Mars] is going deliver that. Worcester: The brands have much more input on who their artists are than they used to 10 year ago. So in the Big Dance [Concert Series], we got three very aggressive sponsors in Capital One, AT&T and Coke, and we probably spend six months vetting artists. Coke’s very specific — they want an urban mix with a rock mix. Cap One feels a little more country and they like a bit more rock’n’roll. And then what happens beyond it — we’re not just booking [three days of music] anymore.

Music For Everyone Presents Fifth Annual ‘MFE Award’ To Harvey Owen, Director, Millersville University’s Ware and Winter Centers

The MFE Award honors individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts to cultivate the power of music as an educational and community building tool in Lancaster County. Harvey is being recognized for his work on behalf of Millersville University as Director of the Ware and Winter Centers. “Harvey has done an amazing job in transforming both the Ware and Winter Centers into true, vibrant community arts centers”, said John Gerdy, founder and Executive Director of Music For Everyone. “His ability to instill a spirit where everyone, regardless of background, feels welcome in exploring and experiencing music and the arts is truly extraordinary. It’s a great example of using the power of music to build community. Lancaster o Wes Har vey a big debt of gratitude for his tireless work on behalf of music and the arts in Lancaster.” “The MFE Award is a fitting tribute to Harvey, who has assisted and advanced music programs to the citizens of Lancaster, especially young people,” said Roger Bruszewski, VP for Finance and Administration at Millersville University. “It has been a pleasure to work with him and witness the lives he has touched. Harvey understands the importance of music and the arts and how it makes our community a better place.” “I am thrilled and surprised to receive this award. I have long known the power of music as I grew up in a musical family. It’s what kept us together and gave us strength,” said Owen. “Supporting music in Lancaster through my work at the Ware and Winter Centers is something that comes naturally. I love Lancaster and I strive every day to make our community a better place for everyone, particularly through music.” Music for Everyone is a Lancaster-based non-profit charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness and resources to strengthen the role that music plays in schools and the community in Lancaster County.

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