2013-14 Outlook: New York Knicks

Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra.

Bryan Pace for New York Daily News “Joker” 30 y/o Carlos Maya feeds his “Batman” son 6-month-old Isaac Maya. Im Wonder Woman, said Tesla. I like all Wonder Womans! Richard Benitez, 21, South Ozone Park, decided he wanted to dress up as Aquaman five months ago in a golden chain-mail shirt that took him 50 hours to sew by hand. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Nicole Marino and 18-year-old Canielle Marion attend as Purple and Red Raven of the Teen Titans. Ive lost 50 pounds specifically so I could look like Aquaman, he says. I was very, very committed. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24-year-old Adam Ash as Deadpool and 23-year-old Kristin Sivla as a nurse from Silent Hill. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 21-year-old Elisa Lovelie attends as “Lady Mechanika”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 19-year-old Michaela Conti dresses as a character from anime show “Panty & Stocking”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24 y/o Amy Siriamonthep dressed as Harley Quinn. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 20-year-old Marisa Semioli as Black Cat. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 21-year-old Richard Benitez dresses as Aquaman.

New York Times goes global by rebranding IHT

“Homegrown talent” has seldom been a part of the Knicks’ managerial lexicon, so a bit of Shump trade trepidation is understandable. If owner Jim Dolan really is bent on pulling that trigger, the team faces a crippling Catch-22: Either Shump makes a leap, thereby increasing his trade value, or he struggles, stays, and the Knicks suffer accordingly. Or, Dolan learns to settle down. Dubin: Shumpert. As a rookie in 2011-12, he looked like a lock-down isolation defender, but not much more. Last season, he flashed a much-improved 3-point stroke (40.2 percent) and regained his defensive prowess in time for the playoffs. If Shumpert can add an off-the-dribble attack to complement his jumper, his ceiling becomes a whole lot higher. Kurylo: It’s too easy to say World Peace, who will have a positive impact on the defensive end, or Amar’e Stoudemire , who may or may not play much at all. I’ll say Tyson Chandler . This team ranked fifth on defense in 2011-12, but fell to 18th last season with the center nursing injuries. For the Knicks to get their defensive groove back, Chandler needs to be productive. Gutierrez: Last season, New York’s point guard play was critical to their success, so Raymond Felton , Pablo Prigioni and Udrih are, together, the most intriguing players. They somehow need to provide structure and try to help balance a Melo-dominated offense. Silverman: Shumpert.

Worldwide subscribers to the Herald Tribune with a print circulation of 224,000 and distribution in about 135 countries woke up Tuesday to a similar-looking newspaper. Novelties include a new masthead, enhanced Page 2, and opinion pieces by dozens of new international columnists. Europe editor Richard W. Stevenson said the rebranding is really about going digital and reaching out to readers abroad. “The real driver of what we’re doing is a belief that there is a global, digital audience for the journalism that we do,” Stevenson said in a recent interview at the newspaper’s offices in the La Defense business district west of Paris. He pointed to the goal of converting visitors who get limited free access into paying customers. In this Oct. 4, 2013 photo shows a view of the newsroom of the International Herald Tribune, who wil “Right now, about 10 percent of our digital subscribers are outside of the United States but about 25 or 30 percent of our digital audience comes from outside the United States,” he said. “Right there, in the gap between people who are subscribers, and regular visitors to our site, there’s an opportunity.” For the launch week, access to the international edition’s website, global.nytimes.com, will be free, Stevenson said. With many print publications facing competition from social media, bloggers, 24-7 international television newscasts and other outlets, the Times Co. has been shucking assets notably The Boston Globe to focus on a core business of becoming an online provider of news, comment, video and multimedia. While the IHT’s circulation has held up relatively well in recent years compared with some print publications, Stevenson said, “the reality is that print across our industry, around the world is a really tough business now.” The International Herald Tribune was the latest incarnation of a newspaper founded in Paris 126 years ago as the European edition of the New York Herald, which was a rival of the Times in the bruising mid-19th century New York newspaper industry. James Gordon Bennett Jr., son of the founder of the sensationalist and popular Herald, put to use new trans-Atlantic cable just as readers were spreading out by rail and steamship.

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